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Validation desinfection cleanroom

I have protocol to clean and disinfect ceilings, walls and floors of a clean area, I plan to use contact plates before and after the protocol, but I have not found a procedure that tells me how often to test or how long to do intensive tests.
Please, help!!!

The manufacturer of RODAC plates can help. It depends on the media. Yeasts and mold (media is Sabauroud Dextrose Agar or Polato Dextrose Agar) are incubate at 25 Celsius for 5 days. Aerobic bacteria (Plate Count Agar) are incubated at 37 Celsius for 2 days (48 hours?) if I recall.

Many thanks.
Is there a typical schedule for that?
I clean the floors every day and the ceilings, walls and floors once a week. How do I set up my sampling to verify that I am doing the cleaning well? once a week?

Usually the schedule is listed in an SOP and based on the risk analysis. A warehouse may have EM (environmental monitoring) performed once a year while a sterile cleanroom may have EM performed monthly (but cleaned daily).

I see. you helped me a lot :slight_smile: