Audit Trail - Shall the Audit Trail Keep the Record of the Access Attempt By

Shall the audit trail keep the record of the access attempt by

  1. the person using the user name which is not registered inside the system
  2. the person using the user name of deleted user


As per my experience you can’t access GXP system without user ID. If you are doing anything with GXP system. It has been captured in audit trial.


Ideally GxP system shall record each and every activity carried out in that particular system.

  1. it is acceptable if the system can keep record with clause " Unauthorized attempt".
  2. in GxP system ideally you shouldn’t delete a user you can only deactivate or disable a user profile. there are systems which has delete option, usage of deleted user is not possible and if same username was assigned then it will be considered as new user only.

Hope this answers your query, if any corrections please let me know.