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NVPC rationale for compressed air

Hi team …My query is regarding nvpc selection grade for compressed air used at different grade room…Like A,B,C here the c.A is common for all room but at what rationale can we select the room grade in particular counter

I’ve read some other topics about this. I think you’re asking what particle level you can have for each gas in each room? I think from other topics/discussions on this thread, that the idea was that the gas should match the level of cleanliess of the room. If the room is ISO5, then the gas should be ISO5. If the room is Grade C, then the gas should be Grade C.

I have seen times when instrument air (not clean air) was not the same level of cleanliness of the room, but I never personally saw the justification for why that was OK - maybe the idea was that any particles were diffused in the room, and the room overall still met criteria. For higher levels ISO7 or 5, I would probably not want to follow that path.

Thanks for ur reply sir…Try to find a proper rationale a common line which distributes the c.a…On what rationale we differentiate with ISO classes?

I would make the common line criteria the cleanest requirement. But, you might have filters at the end of the line, which scrubs the CA to a cleaner requirements. At that point, I’m not sure what your common line criteria should be.

U r right sir but every room as a filter which is a grade A filter then how could we select it has B ,c for other room