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Quantification of SDS

Hi everyone, i have problem trying to quantify sds by hplc-uv. I dont have another way to do it, because in the lab we dont use other detector. Do you know a way to quantify low levels of sds by reverse phase with a uv detector?

thanks a lot

SDS has a ‘very’ poor UV spectrum. In your case you will have to derivatize (along with everything else) any SDS with DNPH (perhaps).

You will have to do some leg work in the library (it’s a real thesis) but look for this;

A precise spectrophotometric method for measuring sodium dodecyl sulfate concentration
Rupprecht, Kevin R. ; Lang, Ewa Z. ; Gregory, Svetoslava D. ; Bergsma, Janet M. ; Rae, Tracey D. ; Fishpaugh, Jeffrey R.
Analytical Biochemistry, 1 October 2015, Vol.486, pp.78-80 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

Thanks for the advice. Finally, i ll assay it by HPLC with refraction index with a method i ve had found.

Let us know how it goes!

In the past, I have found the RI detector as ‘very’ insensitive. It will be a challenge just to quantitate in the low % range. In addition it can only perform isocratic separations.