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Tablet Press Cleaning

Is there anyone having problems cleaning out the residues on their tablet presses (especially the turets)? If anyone has advice of a “miracle” detergent, please let me know!

Have you tried ECOLAB-products

We are using Ecolab-products for all the product contact equipment, specifically COSA CIP 72 for tabletting presses. It was recommended by IMA for the Comprima press. Use slightly acid cleaners, because neutral detergents are normally prone to microbial contamination, and alcaline cleaners, although more effective for most substances, are not suitable because they corrode aluminium parts normally present in tablet presses.

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Actually I think no cleaning agent is completely harmless. I cannot disclose the composition, for we signed a secrecy agreement, but the declared composition of the products, at least of the ones we are using, is quite close to cosmetic cleaners (shampoo, handwashing, etc.). Probably the more aggresive components are in a higher proportion, but, after all, it is an industrial cleaner and has to be used with the applicable safety measures.



Meland, I’m not sure where you are located, but I am confident in saying that there is a company called Steris that provides validatable cleaning agents (full analytical methods available) designed for the Pharma industry and who could supply to you. They have a range of products and I am sure they have an effective product that you could use.


It depends on what environment you are working in. If it’s research glassware, something like GlassKlenz of LabKlenz would be fine. If you need the most future proof, biodegradable cleaning agent on the market for validated glassware & equipment/parts cleaning backed up with analytical methods, toxicity data and an ISO9001 quality system, then perhaps ProKlenz ONE would be an excellent starting point. These plus many others are available from STERIS, who also run a cleaning evaluation service at their labs to put you on the right track.